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Our concept is to "embody" words.

In order to escape from so-called "realism,"
we combine "forms" in the style of traditional Japanese performing arts
with the methodology of the performing arts of Western origins
in the hope of creating our own new, unique acting style.

Our keyword is "narrative".

Through bodies of actors who "narrate,"
we intend to actualize the essence of human "existence"
by visualizing the "flow of time"
which has accumulated in the bodies of the actors.
The basics of the performing arts
are solely about thoroughly expressing
"the presence of the body" in the here and now.

And real communication,
which we can not get through the information technology
rather through face-to-face interactions between flesh and blood of humans,
resides within performing arts.

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[Huis clos (1945)]  Premiere May 4th 2015.
photo / Mari HARADA