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The Crossing Text: Between “Mystery” and “Mystical”

Project Overview

The Crossing Text: Between “Mystery” and “Mystical” is a long-term international co-production project by Bambang Prihadi from Lab Teater Ciputat based in Jakarta and Yano Yasuhito from Theatre Company shelf based in Tokyo. They will “exchange” literature text from each other’s countries - this time by Yukio Mishima and Danarto - and create a theatre production of each. Then they will share their theatre production methods (e.g. direction theories and acting methods) and ultimately create a brand-new co-production based on themes and motifs mutually found in these two stories by the two authors. In the first year of the project, they will study the two novels and present some work-in-progress performances, and in the second year, they will organize a premier of the co-production of the brand-new show in Jakarta. Finally, in the third year, they will be bringing the co-production to Tokyo, Jakarta, and other places.

Project Phase 1

Direction Notes on Rintrik from Yano Yasuhito

I want to make a drastic change to the setting of Rintrik by bringing the story to a contemporary city. By contrasting the original novel’s vision of this unkempt land and field with the chaos of the city and its loneliness, In the new setting of highly disinfected contemporary city space, I want to highlight/exaggerate the old woman Rintrik’s body covered with dirt and soot, and the peculiar holiness and purity it has. It is very difficult for me to understand the ideology of Islam or that of Monotheism. However, I believe that the Animism elements of Kejawen can help me understand Danarto’s idea of God. I would like to present the story of this novel filled with the ideas of Mysticism, as an allegory for those living in this troublesome contemporary society to help them find how to survive these difficult times.

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