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Work In ProgressThe Smiling Old Women
Crossing Text: Between Mystery and Mystical

In June 2023, at the Saison Foundation’s Morishita Studio, Theatre Company shelf presented a work-in-progress rehearsal of The Smiling Old Women, co-produced and co-directed in partnership with Lab Teater Ciputat, a Jakarta-based theatre company led by Bambang Prihadi. This production is the final product of Crossing Text: Between Mystery and Mystical, a long-term international co-production project the two theatre companies had been working on together. Only related parties were invited to the presentation.

Produced by Theater Company shelf and Lab Teater Ciputat

Based on Rintrik by Danarto and Sotoba Komachi by Yukio Mishima

Directed by Bambang Prihadi and Yasuhito Yano


Ale Utsman
Ari Sumitro
Bangkit Sanjaya
Holifah Wira
Mako Mitsuhashi
Shoichi Ayada
Sir Ilham Jambak
Takashi Okito
Yova Tri Wahyuni
Yuko Kawabuchi

Production Staff / Crew

  • Interpreter
    Agung Iswara
  • Dramaturg and Researcher
    Rosida Erowati
  • Researcher
    Yusuke Hasegawa
  • Stage Designer
    Riky Oet
  • Multimedia / Lighting Designer
    Aji Sangiaji
  • Lighting Designer
    Tsuruyo Noritake
  • Music Composer and Performer
    Muhammad Ramdhani
  • Sound Designer
    Masashi Wada
  • Videographer and Photographer
    Dio Ihkamuddin
  • Costume Designer
    Hilmia Murtaqia Sama
  • Head of Production
    Wulan Pusposari
  • Producer
    Yasuhito Yano
  • Production Assistant
    Azizah Zubaer
  • Front of House Representatives
    Tomomi Ueno
    Mai Kasuga
    Nanami Abe
  • With support from
    Table of Philosophy Association
  • Production Planning by
    Theatre Company shelf and Lab Teater Ciputat
  • Supported by:
    Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Arts Council Tokyo
    The Saison Foundation
    The Indian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (in as part of the program “Dana Indonesiana”)

Project Overview - Crossing Text: Between Mystery and Mystical

Crossing Text: Between Mystery and Mystical Is a long-term international co-production project led by Yasuhito Yano, Head and Director of Theatre Company shelf and Bambang Prihadi, Head and Director of Lab Teatre Ciputat, a Jakarta-based theatre company. In the first stage of the project, the two theatre companies exchanged one literary text from each country (namely Sotoba Komachi by Yukio Mishima and Rintrik by Danarto) for each company to create a stage production of the respective exchanged text. The goal of this initial stage of the project was to eventually weave together a brand-new co-production based on their experiences of producing each production in the first stage, with the use of the methodology called “CROSSING TEXT”. The purpose of this endeavour is not only to simply produce a new work, but also to document, both in forms of writing and visual assets, the results of this international collaboration as well as individual experiences of participants gained through the process of producing the new work, and share them widely with the public in order to showcase new ways of working on international co-productions and the values and meanings of international co-productions, and further, to suggest new ways of co-existing in this evolving international and multicultural society.

The Japan Foundation Asia Center |Grant & Fellowship Program

Arts Council Tokyo|Fiscal Year 2020 Creation Grant [Long-Term Grants]

About The Smiling Old Women

In this project, “Mystery” in the project title is defined as “a mystery; what humans cannot comprehend, things that are above humans’ comprehension”, and “Mystical” in the title is defined as “something closer to a religion; something that’s made up of things that humans think about and believe in”. Rintrik by Danarto and Sotoba Komachi by Yukio Mishima both have an old woman in their stories (namely Rintrik in Rintrik and Komachi in Sotoba Komachi). With that in mind, we have chosen some themes of this project, namely the mystery, holiness, and religiousness (in relation to the act of believing) of these old women.
In the creative process, through a series of creative discussions conducted both remotely and in person, we discussed what it means to be a woman in society, what it means to age (and its values), and when humans smile (“specifically, for example, if Rintrik and Komachi were to smile, what would be the occasion/trigger of it?”), in order to produce the new work.
This production is a more deepened rendition of the first work-in-progress production we presented as a test in December 2022, and it seeks more “actual” and stronger expressions. It is the final “work-in-progress” presentation/production before it’s brought to Jakarta in December 2023 for the world premier of the finished production.


Tuesday, June 27, 2023 at 7p.m.

Show Runtime

Approx. one hour


Morishita Studio (C Studio)
3-5-6 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo


A 5-minute walk from Exit A6 of Morishita Station - accessible by Toei Shinjuku Line or Toei Oedo Line
A 10-minute walk from Exit A2 from Seicho Shirakawa Station - accessible by Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line or Toei Oedo Line

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