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Production cooperation“Sorry, I’d like to dance with you” Yao Theatre (Ningxia, China)
“It’s bliss to wait for someone, living your life not knowing who that person is.”

This time, Theatre Company shelf will be cooperating with a young Chinese theatre company in producing a production that will take part in YPAM fringe. Yao theater was founded by Li’Siyao in Ningxia, China, and is in its 12th year of theater establishment in Ningxia. shelf will co-produce a solo play by a top young artist from this region.

Staff, Cast

  • Writer: Junpeng Shao
  • Director&Performer&Lignting Designer: Siyao Li
  • Co-lighting designer and operator: Atsushi Kakumoto
  • Dramaturgy: Tao Tong
  • Translator: Xu Han
  • Physical Director: Gufan Zhang
  • Sound Designer: Ningyue Wu
  • Producer: Yasuhito Yano / Annie Feng
  • Associate Producer: Manyu Guo / Qihang Duan
  • Stage Manager: Siyuan Li
  • Planning/production: Yao Theater, Production Cooperation: Theatre Company shelf


・Tuesday, December 12, 2023 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
 @Yokohama Doll Museum Akaikutsu (Red Shoes) Theatre

・Wednesday, December 13, 2023 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
 @Yokohama Doll Museum Akaikutsu (Red Shoes) Theatre


the Yokohama Doll Museum Akaikutsu (Red Shoes) theater
18 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

ticket price

  • YPAM Professional Registrants: Adv ¥500 / Door ¥1,000
  • Student: Adv ¥1,500 / Door ¥2,000
  • General: Adv ¥2,000 / Door ¥2,500
YPAM ticket centre


While he waited for solitude, solitude was forgotten. And so, the meaning of waiting becomes a memory. Memories are a dance that fails to end and a winter that arrives before the fall. He waited for the seasons to change, for the lights to come on, for a dance on a hilltop. He remembers when the stars were shining brightly and wanted to have a dance with you. You said it was too cold. He said he was sorry. And since then, never met again. While he was waiting for the forgotten time, the loneliness has been evoked.


TEL: 090-6139-9578(shelf)

About Yao Theatre

Yao theatre (遙劇団, リーシャオ劇場) was founded by Li’ Siyao in Ning Xia-China in 2012, it has been the 12th year of our theatre in Ningxia. We have been committed to this land for many years and even faced the risk of bankruptcy during COVID-19, but we overcame it. We want to breed the theatre culture for our homeland-Ningxia, and we will continue that.

Yao Theatre focusing on stage art creation, performance production and theater education. We have created many stage art works. We have successively created more than thirty plays such as "Peep", "To the Moon", "Grandma's Poetic Life", "If Encounter is a River", etc. We have been invited to participate in the National Theater of China - China Original Drama Invitational Exhibition, National Small Theater Drama Invitational Exhibition, Beijing Youth Drama Festival, Wuzhen Drama Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Sibiu Drama Festival in Romania. At the same time, it has initiated and successfully founded two Ningxia Youth Drama Festivals and four Children's Theatre Invitation Exhibitions and introduced excellent art works and artists from home and abroad for exchanges and teaching. We have also developed its own series of drama education courses and organized public welfare classes in schools.

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