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Participation in fusion―XEBEC ArtWeek2021 Art and Light

Yuka Hisamatsu, a Kobe-based lighting technician who has been involved with Theatre Company shelf’s projects, has invited us to participate in XEBEC ArtWeek2021 in its first year, a project organized by XEBEC Inc. in Kobe. She is also a guest director of this event. During this 5-day event, Yano and Kawabuchi from Theatre Company shelf will participate in[Open Lab / Theatre Made in One Day] - Riding a Carriage in Spring scheduled on the second day of the event, Thursday, July 15th. As the title suggests, it is a somewhat unique project, where we are going to create a play in one day and present it to the public (reservation required). If you live near the venue, please come visit.

Message from Yuka Hisamatsu

Art and Light. They are always closely intertwined, but they are not the same. One does not contain the other either. I suppose the relationship between them can be described with a Venn diagram.
This time, we have curated various forms of artistic expressions - stage performances and art exhibitions like installations, dance, and music, as well as projects that involve heavy audience participation - with the shared theme of “light”, and gathered them in this one platform called Artweek.
Natural light, light bulbs, shadow pictures, LED light, videos - so many faces of “light” will be elements/aspects of your appreciation of art, as well as artistic expressions themselves, offering the kinds of experiences that broaden your imagination, one step further.
This event features so many artists who have backgrounds in Kobe or the Kansai region. Although it is often criticised that the industry of (artistic) expressions is stronger in the East of Japan than the West of Japan, I hope you can enjoy the diversity of what Kobe has to offer.
Yuka Hisamatsu, Guest Director

[Open Lab / Theatre Made in One Day] - Riding a Carriage in Spring

  • Thursday, July 15th from 9am to 8pm(Final/complete performance from 6pm to 7pm)

A director, actors, and staff. This experimental project presents the different approaches of these three different agents in theatre production in one day - from creation to performance. You can either check out their rehearsals, or participate in the discussions on their direction and lighting plans, or help them set up the stage. Audiences can witness the live documentary of how Riding a Carriage in Spring, a novella by Riichi turns into a theatre play.

Direction: Yasuhito Yano │Cast:Shoichi Ayata, Yuko Kawabuchi, Mako Mitsuhashi

Ticketing Information

Yuka Hisamatsu

Lighting Technician

Based in Kobe, Yuka Hisamatsu has been working as a lighting technician for stage productions since 2006. She started working on a freelance basis in 2017, and has been mostly involved with stage productions & creations (theatre and dance), while developing her own out-of-the-box expressions and expanding her relationships with her work.
2016 Fiscal Year - Japanese Association of Lighting Engineers & Designers (JALED) Rookie of The Year Award.
2021 Fiscal Year - Scheduled to study/work at NDT in the Netherlands through the Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists offered by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

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