writen by Henrik Ibsen. Composed and directed by Yasuhito YANO. Premiere Oct, 2013.


At first glance, the performance appears to be a "shaved down" or "omitted" version of Ibsen's "A Doll's House". But that is not true. Through a variety of methods of expression that minimize and condense movements, the performance's core remains intact. The origin or whereabouts of this high level of expressivity lies within the bodies of the actors' onstage.

(Tsuyoshi TANABE. playwright, and artistic director of atelier GEKKEN. "magazine wonderland" 2013.)

Director's note

"Asked to be treated not as a wife, or a woman or a mother or a daughter but simply as a person, but having been betrayed, Nora left home and gave up everything."Now, through reexamining this text, the work presents the simple yet unanswerable question of the modern "ego". In other words, the question of "what am I?" This performance is an international collaboration with theater artists from Japan and Korea. As well as tackling the problem of the modern "ego", we wanted to verify our perception of European culture, as seen not only from Japan, but also from East Asia.

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