"Little Eyolf"
written by Henrik Johan Ibsen. Directed by YasuhitoYANO.
Premiere Jul, 2008.


YANO has beautifully erased the time gap of more than a century in this production of Ibsen's "little Eyolf" [...] Through dialogue which is entwined with subtlety, desire, love, jealousy, and conscientiousness; these lines that continually invert the situation and through directing that evokes a succession of ever-changing protuberances assists in creating the theatrical world of this piece. It was interesting that in the end of the drama there was the indication that not only the beauty of humanity but also mans' shortcomings (as seen through the reproduction of a marital relationship onstage) that human nature can eventually come to terms with any situation.

(critic, Shunkichi BABA "Nikkei Newspaper")

Director's note:

Eyolf is a character with disabilities in his foot caused by the negligence of his parents. The excessive love towards the father's. The wife's jealousy. The eerie visit of mouse granny. And last but not least, the drowning of small Eyolf. I tried to make and compose one of the Ibsen's masterpieces that he wrote in his later years. The story's symbolic basis is the simple story of a married couple.

The subject of the production is the "lie of life". This pursuit of the ideal life that appears repeatedly in Ibsen's dramas, and the deception of people which is needed to survive in this world. The reconciliation of a man and women, which occurs suddenly at the end of the drama after a violent clash of egos, is full of deception indeed. But I believe this deception, is it not the very nature of humanity itself ?

Not forgetting the negative aspects of the word, this "lie of life" has the power to enliven people. I'd like to prudently put onstage this irony and this contradiction of life.

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