"Composition / Ibsen (from "Ghost") "
written by Henrik Johan Ibsen, composed and directed by YasuhitoYANO.
Premiere Dec, 2006.


YANO showed us a spectacular example of Hans‐Thies Lehmann's "post-drama" through a keen recognition of his fellow contemporaries, his aesthetic sense in regards to space, and by drawing out the actors' energy onstage from stillness.

(Theater critic, Jun OOKA. "Magazine Wonderland")

Director's note:

Ibsen's era is the era in which the idea of the "inner self" or "ego" of human beings was invented. In other words, this idea of a "modern human perspective" was still valid. While working with Ibsen's "drama" which has such a strong, traditional, and "dramatic" structure, I want to describe what will become of the inner self of the broken down human beings of today.

By putting other characters who are not in the "drama" onstage, and making the play's original characters interact with these "others" at different distances represents the different perspectives of our current era. (As a side note, two actors who are not actual characters in "ghost" are starring in this production.) Through these onstage interactions with "others" be a possible means of rediscovering the essence of Ibsen's "drama", which is now in ruins due to the breaking down of the human ego?

The key to this piece is a sense of distance between actors and the text. If possible, through approaching the text from a variety of spatial ranges, our performance might be very successful.

This work will be an attempt to prove that the real world is broken, and I think this work's goal will be to describe exactly how the real world is broken.

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