Composed and directed by Yasuhito YANO.
Premiere May, 2012.
References cited) "A Left-Handed Commencement Address (Speech at Mills College.)" written by Ursula Kroeber
Le Guin, "Antigone" written by Sophokles, "a doll's house" written by Henrik Ibsen, etc.


"edit" (directed and composed by Yasuhito YANO) is a work that was made from fragments of Greek drama, essays, novels, and speeches of many different contemporary artists. By connecting these fragments, the stage emits a strong message to the people of Japan in this era; that is the relationship between the ruling classes and other groups. In other words, the story is told through many different people's words in order to get at the truth of this dialectic. It's not only a matter of politics, but also a matter of our "desire", which is controlled by economic domination. We already lack self-direction. This point is noted in the excerpts from Kazushi HOSAKA's novel. Mai KASUGA successfully represents the words of "Nora" in subtle whisper throughout the piece. Yuko KAWABUCHI also had many strong speeches and lines from "Antigone". She also spoke the words of "Le Guin" as if the spirit of the piece dwelt within her. All actors delivered their lines firmly, which made for an engagingly enclosed space.

(critic, Kyoko AZUMI "Chunichi Newspaper")

Director's note:

Is it possible to be "thankful" for the presence of others, who will never understand anything about you? In other words, imagination at work towards others. I think we should be compelled to reason out what our generation lives for and values. I want to show onstage that an individual is nothing more than just an individual if left alone. I want to describe what we human would be like in such a incurable circumstances. I think that this work will be a collage of many different texts. I want to create this production from the words we use and from the bodies, which are present in the rehearsal room. Also without trying to assume that there is "a drama" or any one story to be told.

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