Composed and directed by Yasuhito YANO. Premiere Oct, 2014.


Theatre Company shelf's new work, "deprived" in Kid Airack Hall. It's a new work of text collage drama he was making before, but it was most political straightly than ever.

The Constitution Preamble of Japan, Masao MARUYAMA, Osamu DAZAI, Saneatsu MUSHANOKOJI, Brecht, and an excerpt of "Hikarigoke (written by Taijun TAKEDA") ... those different texts will be connected seamlessly, but it's never too a left-wing to necessarily. He really wants to attack rather the words that were tinged with some principles or policies and the double politic those have been hiding behind the utterance, than the surface meaning of words.

An expressionistic style or a screaming type of dialogue and singing maybe his people divided between those who like it and those who hate it, but there was a strange serenity, and still it remains more than the impact.

(Atsushi SASAKI. Critic, Professor of Waseda University. )

Production Notes

Initially, I was thinking the "private" as the title of the performance. But, it maybe was some years ago, I learned that the word "private" has the etymology is "be deprived". And, one day, suddenly I remembered that. That is one of the reasons why I decided the title of this performance is here.

Referring to the meaning of "private" in English, it is in fact that the word "private" was born after "public". It is of course that the word "public" is the antonym of "private". But before the concept of "private" has been known widely, people belong to the state, public, the community and they all had the status or role, office as the member of it.

And the "private" is the status of being "isolated, separated, set apart" from those that give them affiliations. In other words, he/she was "robbed, and deprived" of something important, when he/she is "private".

I searched for various "texts" and will use some from it. For example, the poetry of England poet who was killed in WW1, essay of Saneatsu MUSHANOKOJI, novels of Osamu DAZAI, and the Constitution Preamble etc.

While thinking about the range of the words widely as possible, I want to consider of what is that the "I", "We", "National", "man" etc again, through the capturing the speech act (perlocutionary act) of human, I want our production as an art of "time" and "space", and a simple drama for us, based on it.

In any city, the venues are all small gallery spaces. I thought that I want to make a close, friendly and special time without any sound and lighting effect equipments special in addition, with only the existing ones in those venues, with only the speech act ("narrative" power) of the actors.

As the space in which we can get the "dialogue" with the "others" who live a different context than his own. Yes, It is the "theater", as you know.

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