about Theatre Company shelf

"shelf" stands for "book shelf". 

We chose to represent the theme of a “book shelf,” which accumulates and mixes texts from different times and countries. shelf emphasizes speech, in other words, the nature of voice, accent and intonation of a text read by actors; its plays combine classical and modern drama. 

The style of shelf is recognized for its combination of a keen awareness of the contemporary and aesthetic sense of space and time with a performance style that radiates energy created by the actors’ silence on stage. 

One of shelf's works, GHOSTS-COMPOSITION/IBSEN was invited to be part of the official program of the International Ibsen Festival 2014. We also just successfully finished an International Co-Production with artists in Thailand of shelf’s [deprived] in November 2015, as an official part of the Programme of Low Fat Art Fest 2015.

As a company:
In 2011, shelf received "Nagoya Citizens Art Festival Award for Theater 2011" with "Composition/Ibsen(from "Ghost")" written by Henrik Johan Ibsen @ Nanatsudera kyodo studio (Ngoya city) from Mayor, City of Nagoya.
In 2008, shelf received "Nagoya Citizens Art Festival Special Award for Theater 2008" with "Little Eyolf" written by Henrik Johan @ Nanatsudera kyodo studio (Ngoya city), from Mayor, City of Nagoya.

As Affiliation Actress:
In 2008, Yuko KAWABUCHI won the "The Best Performer Award of Toga Theatre Competition" from The Japan Performing Arts Foundation, with "Little Eyolf" written by Henrik Ibsen.

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Yasuhito YANO

Founder and artistic director of Theatre Company shelf. Born in 1975, Nagoya city. He started to become active in theatre while he was a student at Hokkaido University. After graduating from university, he joined the company Seinendan (founder Oriza HIRATA) and directed "Fireflies" written by Toshiro SUZUE in 2000, as part of the company's project for young directors. In 2002, he established his own company "shelf".

Yasuhito YANO
2016. in Tokyo.

He re-envisions classical texts from around the world by textually reconstructing them and is also known for his keen awareness of the work of his fellow contemporaries. He is also recognized for his formidable aesthetic sense in regards to space and time by drawing out the actor's energy onstage through evoking stillness. In the modern theater culture of Japan, his style, which concentrates on direction, is rare since almost all Japanese directors are also playwrights.

His major works include "R.U.R. a second presentation" written by Karel Capek, "Composition/Ibsen (from "Ghost") " written by Henrik Johan Ibsen, "Fragment/Greek Tragedy(from "Torojan Women")" written by Euripides, "Little Eyolf" written by Henrik Johan Ibsen, "Hanjo/Yoroboshi" by Yukio MISHIMA etc.

He is a member of Japan Directors Association. And a member of Japan Performing Arts Foundation. (founder is Tadashi SUZUKI.)



Actress. She was born in Toyama prefecture in 1976. In 2003, she graduated Shoto Actors Gymnasium. She has been a member of Theatre Company shelf form 2006 to the present. In 2009, she appeared in "King Lear four countries version" and "Haishanagaya-No-Kachikachiyama" directed by Tadashi SUZUKI (SCOT's artistic director.)

In 2008, she won the "The Best Performer Award of Toga Theatre Competition" from The Japan Performing Arts Foundation, with "Little Eyolf" written by Henrik Ibsen.

photo / Mari HARADA


Actress. She was born in Tokyo. 1988. She has been a member of Theatre Company shelf from 2010 to the present. In 2009, she Graduated Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music, Department of Arts : Drama Course (associate degree). From 2006 to 2007, she was a member of Puppet Theatre HITOMIZA (as a research student.) In 2010, she made a debut as a shelf's actress in The Chikusa Selection Vol.1 (organized by Chikusa-Playhous, Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency) "Episode/Fragments−from some texts written by Toshiro SUZUE−”. Since, she has appeared in all of the works of Theatre Company shelf.



photo / Mari HARADA

Yusuke MORI

Actor. He was born in Kagawa prefecture in 1982. He has been a member of Theatre Company shelf since 2014. From 2005 to 2012, he was a member of the Butoh Group KAIZA.
His major works include "Nuhi-Kun" written by Shuji TERAYAMA and directed by J.A.Caeser, "Banzuri-Bajo" written and directed by Hideyuki OKANIWA, "Hanjo/Yoroboshi" written by Yukio MISHIMA and directed by Yasuhito YANO, "Der Verschollene", "Der Process","Das Schloss" written by Franz Kafka and directed by Osamu MATSUMOTO, "Dororo"(a movie) written by Osamu TEZUKA and directed by Akihiko SIOTA etc.




Yusuke MORI
photo / Mari HARADA


Actress. She was born in Yokohama in1986. She graduated College of Performing and Visual Arts of J. F. Oberlin Universit. Since 2002, she has participated in the theatrical activities in the theater company Room rudence and so on. After graduating, had studied English play under Shika Mackenzie (Japanese translator) , and taken a part in theatrical workshop and performance in Norway and New York. After back to Japan, started as a freelance actress in Tokyo.

2011-2014, played in theater company IDIOT SAVANT as an company member. 2013, participated in Europe tour of Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker "Miss Berserker ATTTTTACKS!!Elektro☆Shock☆Luv☆Luv☆Luv☆Shout!!!!!"
2013, appeared in Omnibus feature film "TOKYO GRAND GUIGNOL" (Director/Francois Gaillard,Gilles Landucci, Nicolas Alberny, Yann Moreau Production/ DICE ENTERTAINMENT)

After she appeared in Chekhov's "Three (Sister) s” and "Three Sisters" in 2015. (All works directed by Yasuhito YANO.), she became a member of Theatre Company shelf.


photo / Mari HARADA

Associate Artists

Costume Designer - Yoko TAKEUCHI

March 1999.  Graduation Bunka Fashion College Fashion Creation Department. In 2001, she officially invited to Vancouver International Fashion Week and held a fashion show of her collection. After that she stopped making her own original brand and changed course to be a Costume designer. She is now working as a freelance costume designer since 2002.

She always receives a stimulus from the people she met, and aims to make a unique and brand new "space" each time through the clothes production. In the production of Theatre Company shelf, since the production of "R.U.R." (Written by Karel Capek) in 2002 and later, she has designed and made almost all the costumes.

竹内陽子、Yoko TAKEUCHI
Design rough sketch of "GHOSTS".

The main works in which she has designed the costumes are;
Ymananote-Jijosha "Titus Andronicus" (Written by Shakespeare), "Oedipus" (Written by Sophocles, both Directed by Masahiro YASUDA), Stages for the children (Toshima cultural creation Project Executive Committee) "Doctor Dolittle and animals" (original / Hugh Lofting "The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle"), "The Wizard of Oz" (Original / Frank Baum), "Pinocchio" (Original / Carlo Collodi "The Adventures of Pinocchio"), "Blue Bird" (Original / Maeterlinck, all Directed by Koji KURASAKO), Tokyo theater ensemble "road" (Written by Agota Kristof, directed by Hiroko MIYOSHI), "Shylock" (Written by Arnold Wesker, Directed by Yosuke IRIE), "Fear and poverty of the Third Reich" (Written by Bertolt Brecht, Directed by Shigeto MATSUSHITA), " The Lower Depths" (Written by Maksim Gorikii, directed by Hiroko MIYOSHI), Fuji Mieko Dance Company, Sei-ga-kan "Shanghai foreigner brothel" (Written by Shuji TERAYAMA), "The Little Prince" (Written by Shuji TERAYAMA, directed and Choreographed by Takuro SUZUKI), RYUZANJI COMPANY "Bluebeard Castle "(Written by Shuji TERATYAMA, Directed by Sho RYUZANJI), "Macbeth ~ PAINT IT BLACK! ~" (Original / Shakespeare, Music, Performance by Hiromichi SAKAMOTO, and Directed by Sho RYUZANJI), "Journey to the West" (Written and Directed by Tengai AMANO, Music by Keiichi Suzuki), Theater Company HIMAWARI "MOMO" (Written by Michael Ende, Directed by Kimio SUZUMURA), "The Snow Queen" (original / Andersen, directed by Masafumi OTSHUKA), etc.



Actress. She was born in Chiba prefecture in 1970. She graduated Toyo University at the Faculty of Law in March 1995.
She began to do the theater activities when she was at a 26-years-old who worked as a stationery manufacturer company employee. After the activities of a member of the Theater Company Ginyu-shimin, and of the Ort-d.d, she started working as an actor freelance from 2012.
In addition to her own theater activities, she has put the emphasis on the outreach activities of theater such as workshops in elementary school etc.


三橋麻子、Mako Mitsuhashi
Still from video by TANJC

She appeared for the first time in YANO's works which was one of series the project of "Yokohama Drama-Reading Collection" in 2006. (All of the series of this project was produced and directed by YANO, and co-sponsored by Yokohama SAAC and Yokohama citizen vitality Promotion Bureau.)
In the one of the masterpieces of Theatre Company shelf "GHOSTS-COMPOSITION/IBSEN", she always play the leading character, Mrs. HELENE ALVING.



Takashi OKITO

Actor. Model. He was born in Okinawa Prefecture. Since 1996, he started theater activities in the Theater Group “Creation” in Okinawa. He studied under Playwright and director, Seishin CHINEN (1941-2013, Kishida Kunio Drama Award winner in his drama "humanity Museum" in 1978)
He moved to Tokyo in 2000 and became a member of the theater company Ittoku-Kai/KAG. He and his company mainly has staged the work of Seishi YOKOMIZO and Yukio MISHIMA.
In 2007, he appeared in the “Yuya” (written by Yukio MISHIMA and directed by Koichi ISHII) which play got the Excellence director Award of Toga Theater Director Competition.
He started working as an actor freelance from 2012.
He appeared in the play of shelf for the first time in “GHOSTS-COMPISITION/IBSEN” in 2011. He also play the another leading character, Oswald Alving.
In 2014, he appeared and play leading character in the film of “August in Tokyo”(directed by Ryutaro NAKAGAWA) which is the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival Japanese Cinema Splash department Selected Works.


沖渡崇史、Takashi OKITO
Still from video by TANJC



Actor. Born in 1991, Tokyo. Graduated from the high school, he entered the Drama Institute of Haiyuza Theater Company in April, 2014. Since he dropped out of the institute in January 2015, he has been freelancing as an actor.
Having a workshop audition in 2015, he participated in shelf’s production “Chekhov’s Three (Sister)s" at RAFT Chekhov Series. He continues his career with shelf, including shelf volume 20 "Chekhov’s Three (Sister)s" at Shichiken-cho Konomiru Theater (Shizuoka), an international corroborative production “[deprived]” at Low Fat Art Fest 2015 (Bangkok), shelf volume 21 "Hedda Gabler”, “GHOSTS-COMPOSITION/IBSEN (from Ibsen’s “Ghosts”) at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater-Mini theater as one of the Public Offering Program of Performing Arts atAichi Aichi Triennale 2016.


photo / Mari HARADA



Actress. Born in Bangkok in 1991.

Yuka graduated from the Department of Performance of Faculty of Communication Arts at Assumption University in 2015. After working as the assistant producer in a theatre and Thai-Japanese interpreter/translator in a company, she changed to be actress.

She met theatre company shelf in Low Fat Art Fest 2015, the performing arts festival held in Bangkok. shelf was invited to the festival for the performance “[deprived]” and she was the coordinator and interpreter of this production.

Yuka started her career in Tokyo since 2018, and participated in shelf’s production from "Hedda Gabler China Tour” in the same year.


Still from video by TANJC

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